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Judicial Program Solutions

A specialized suite of compliance monitoring tools designed for Justice professionals and their clients.
Collaborative. Comprehensive. Customized.
Drug Court Administrators and Case Managers prefer the RecoveryTrek CourtTrek solution.

“We studied almost every solution available for case management, drug testing and compliance monitoring. What we found out was that most commercial software solutions aren’t designed for specialty court or treatment  court programs and, more importantly, developers could not or would not customize their software to meet the unique needs of court system without asking for additional fees and several months time to complete the project. That all changed when we discovered RecoveryTrek. Our entire team is on the same page and we’re not only getting positive results with our participants – we’re saving money too. If you want a truly successful treatment or specialty court program then you need to take a look at RecoveryTrek case management and mobile solutions.”

~ Hilary S., Wellness Court Coordinator, Tulalip, WA         

Selected Judicial Program Solution Features & Benefits:

  • Unified access across all departments makes court process more efficient and effective for the entire team

  • ​Customized modules provide for tracking and leverage of unique diversion program data:​

    • Recovery stages - (including "Healing to Wellness" options).

    • Rewards & Sanctions.

  • Comprehensive data + inter-departmental reports simplify your planning, budgeting, grant-writing, public relations, fundraising.

  • Paperless, integrated, drug screen process saves time and money.

  • MobileTrek companion application enhances team communication and participant compliance.  

Practical Applications:

  • Drunk & Impaired Driving

    • DUI/DWI Courts

  • Community Supervision

    • Pretrial Release

    • Probation

    • Parole/Reentry

  • Prison & Jail Depopulation

    • Pretrial Release

  • Problem Solving Courts

    • DUI/DWI Courts

    • Veterans Treatment Courts

    • Tribal Courts

    • Domestic Violence Courts

Are you ready to take your Justice system program to the next level?

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