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Marco Rubio Asks Feds To Investigate Florida Sober Homes, Rehabs

By Kelly Burch, 02/12/18

[the fix .com]

The senator wants to bring multiple federal agencies together to crack down on fraud and patient brokering occurring in the state's sober home industry.

Florida Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into sober homes and rehabs in Florida that are "bad actors” with shady practices that have led to overdose deaths. 

Rubio urged Sessions, “to the fullest extent possible—investigate claims of kickbacks and false statements associated with federal health plans” at Florida treatment centers where people have died of drug overdoses, according to NBC News.

Rubio went on to say that... [ CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE ]


[CURATED CONTENT: Written By Kelly Burch, Published: February 12, 2018

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