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RecoveryTrek Announces Appointment of New Chief Operating Officer

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

New Addition to RecoveryTrek's Senior Leadership Team Instrumental in Driving Business Forward and Strengthening Operational Excellence

Chris Roames, RecoveryTrek, COO

NORFOLK, Va. - Oct. 4, 2019 -- RecoveryTrek, a leading technology solutions provider of addiction, treatment, and recovery monitoring services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Roames as Chief Operating Officer.

As COO, Roames will focus his efforts on the expansion of RecoveryTrek's core and developing businesses, while securing process and scalability leadership for continued dynamic growth. Chris will work closely with RecoveryTrek's Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kirk Cizerle.

"Chris brings to RecoveryTrek a diverse and innovative background in leading and growing healthcare businesses. Chris is a proven hands-on leader with deep experience within our industry", said Cizerle, "We're excited to build this Dream Team!"

Roames joins RecoveryTrek from FSSolutions, where he was President and CEO, leading the company's growth and product expansion during its turnaround years. Prior, Chris held executive leadership roles in both CIGNA and Assurant Health. "I've been tracking the growth and success of RecoveryTrek for years now and am happy to join this dynamic company", said Roames. "I look forward to working with Kirk and the team here to take RecoveryTrek to the next level."


RecoveryTrek, LLC is committed to providing state-of-the-art; customized software solutions and excellent customer service for organizations and individuals focused on behavioral health and reduction of substance abuse. Since 2011 RecoveryTrek has partnered with a wide variety of professional monitoring programs, treatment centers, non-profit organizations and individuals all with a desire to incorporate the most advanced evidenced-based tools including software, mobile, and laboratory solutions into their treatment protocols. RecoveryTrek's groundbreaking "Success Management Software" was originally designed for the unique needs of case managers responsible for treatment monitoring of licensed professionals and is a cloud-based system featuring responsive, adaptable customization in a secure environment. For more information please visit

Media Contact Contact: Kevin Alexander : (757) 943-9800


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