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Behavioral Health Solutions

A specialized suite of compliance monitoring tools designed to meet the needs of behavioral health treatment professionals, programs and facilities. 

Convenient. Customized. Compatible.
Substance Abuse Case Management Software for the whole team.

RecoveryTrek’s proven aftercare solution is designed to help participants maintain and document sobriety following discharge from a substance use disorder treatment program.

It’s well-documented. The experience of graduating from a substance use disorder treatment program can cause anxiety. In many cases the anxiety can be so significant it contributes to a relapse. If you’re developing a relapse

prevention plan then you should be aware of the 

Are you ready to take your Behavioral Health programs to the next level?

MyRecoveryTrek continuing care solution and consider adding a level of service to maintain accountability and reduce the risk of relapse. MyRecoveryTrek is a cloud-based solution providing immediate, worldwide access to a suite of powerful, personalized, evidence-based recovery tools, data and reporting options.  


If you’re committed to long-term recovery and believe that compliance monitoring and accountability systems contribute to a successful ongoing program of recovery then call and talk to one of our Success Managers about how MyRecoveryTrek can be customized to help reach and exceed aftercare program goals. Program Features are as follows:


  • TrekTeam - Enrollment assistance and  ongoing support provided by experienced customer service and technical staff.

  • TrekCircle - Maintain accountability by sharing participant results with their circle of trusted friends, family-members or professionals in a secure environment.

MyRecoveryTrek packages start at $75 per month.

Call (757) 943-9800 to register or learn more.

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