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Our advanced Success Management Software (SMS) application is a robust case management system that provides unrivaled functionality for treatment program administrators, as well as program participants. SMS delivers real-time tracking, management and reporting of participants’ success.  With RecoveryTrek, you manage much more than just participant cases – you manage their successful recovery.

RecoveryTrek is the first TPA to offer a complete ‘Cloud’ based solution to the industry. We have partnered with the leading providers of cloud-based technology to deliver software applications and communication services that are scalable and customizable at a moment’s notice.

RecoveryTrek hosts the SMS application at a facility that ensures high performance, unmatched scalability, and the tightest levels of security. In contrast, our competitors typically host their own applications, delivering necessary services but struggling with high performance levels.

Essentially, RecoveryTrek partners with IT application delivery experts who exclusively maintain and deliver solid applications. As a result, at RecoveryTrek we focus 100% on improving functionality and delivering value-add customer service. Our SMS application includes:

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Reporting and Collaboration

  • Treatment Coordination

  • Automated Outreach

  • Mobile Alerts & Interfaces

  • Customization / Personalization

"As a moderately skilled computer user, I can say with confidence that RT’s programs / technology offer many advantages. The system is very user friendly, very logical and very comprehensive. It provides a plethora of information." 

~ Steve S., MSW, LCSW,

Case Manager / Hartford, CT

Program Administrator of Professional Review Board responsible for substance use disorder treatment monitoring

Onsite Implementation Support

In any scenario, change is often a significant operational challenge, requiring additional resources to ensure success. As part of our agreement with treatment program clients, RecoveryTrek provides an onsite Success Manager during the transition/startup phase of the engagement. Depending on the complexity of the program, the Success Manager may remain on site for several weeks.

Initial Inquiry or Information Visit

​All aspects are discussed with your leadership team on site. We can also arrange for you to talk with or visit other programs and case managers where we have helped implement similar programs.

Needs Assessment & Transition Overview

In collaboration with you, we examine details of your functions and needs as we highlight practical improvements of the program, case managers, participants, and the administrative, operational, and technological components of treatment monitoring.

Agreement & Implementation Plan

​Working together, we formulate a time line for tasks and goals to achieve the key success factors outlined above, as we prepare for a smooth transition—as seen from the eyes of the case manager and participant.

Management & Support

​Ongoing, on-site detailed and mutual work to implement the transition plan.

In Harmony, In Sync, In Service

​As the transition phase ends, we attend to the long-term nature of our working relationship to ensure and enhance RecoveryTrek’s integral role in the achievement of your program mission and vision.

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