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MobileTrek Solutions

~ NEW ~
MobileTrek is now available as a  companion app with our (SMS) case management software, and also as complete standalone service!
RecoveryTrek now offers the following specialized program for organizations that wish to use MobileTrek features without RecoveryTrek (SMS) Case Management Software:


  • Free Download  – [iOS and Android]

  • Daily Check-in – [For compliance or Random Drug Testing]

  • Meeting Compliance Module – Digital check-in to document attendance at relevant events – [support meetings, physician & therapist appointments. Data can include: Timestamp, GPS, e-Signature, Photo.

  • BAC Testing Module – Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-compatible breathalyzer + unlimited testing. Lightweight, portable. Police-grade accuracy. Fast results. GPS, Timestamp + photo or video with facial recognition software synced directly to case file.

MobileTrek provides a convenient method for Participants to interface and remain compliant with their program.


* Free Download *

The RecoveryTrek Mobile Companion Application transmits testing and check-in data directly to your participant case file.

What clients are saying about MyRecoveryTrek:

Our program recently began using RecoveryTrek’s new standalone mobile solution.  It’s called ‘MyRecoveryTrek’ and it operates independently from RecoveryTrek's Case Management software. The new ‘MyRT’ solution includes an integrated randomizer that can be used to create and distribute smartphone notifications to our participants for drug testing. We can tailor the rules for individuals or segments of our participants such as counties, gender, or stage of recovery. For example we can create a testing schedule of 2 times per week; 8 times per month and exclude specific dates such as Holidays.  Our clients use the MobileTrek app, (free download for iOS/Android smartphones), to identify if they have to test. They can also call in on a telephone line and input their PIN number if they prefer. This cloud-based solution gives us more flexibility because our agents can manually go in at any time and easily add tests or change the schedule and the clients are notified the same way as the testing protocol.  There are also other great features such as integrated BAC testing with a Bluetooth-enabled device that records GPS coordinates and a time-stamped selfie pic. We get the results data synced to our online portal immediately. Similarly, for compliance monitoring the app can record GPS location, time-stamped photo, videos and even e-signatures for check-in/out at recovery meetings, community sites, curfew and/or as directed by our team members.” 

Nicole Grams
Drug Court Coordinator
Steele-Waseca Drug Court
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

What participants are saying about MyRecoveryTrek:

I have enjoyed the mobiletrek app meeting log to  keep track of my meetings. I was wondering if I could personally purchase this feature alone for a short window of time. 6 months or so. When the availability of the service is over, (through my Professional Monitoring Program), I do not want my meeting log feature to disappear...

~DRB / Cleveland, OH 

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