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Why Choose RecoveryTrek?

Watch this powerful animated video to learn more about RecoveryTrek software and services.

“We’ll take care of you, (your company, case managers, and participants), better than any one else. Period!”

~Kirk Cizerle, CEO

RecoveryTrek is committed to providing the best in the industry customer service to programs, program managers/directors, case managers, and participants; however, our primary support focus begins with the pivotal case manager. This is the basis of our Success Management Software. 

Q: Will this action or product enhance the case manger’s ability to perform? 

A: Of course, when the case manager performs well, program managers & participants are well served.

Our values guide us in achieving measurable results as we rely on our strengths in people, technology, and our philosophy of customer service. We work with a sense of purpose and urgency. We commit to open, honest communications and a willingness to serve unique needs. Internally, we promote education, training, personal responsibility to do things right, and the honor of family— all under the guidance of American values.

Success Management Software 

Wholly and uniquely designed for treatment monitoring of licensed professionals. A cloud-based system for responsive & adaptable customization in a secure, yet available (redundancy) environment.

Competitive Pricing

It’s not just about the money—but fair pricing sure helps.

Success Manager + Superior Support Staff

Experienced, capable, caring project manager at RecoveryTrek and at your site to ensure smooth, accurate, timely transition.

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