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Parenting an Addict? How to Change Tactics Gracefully

By Tyler Jacobson, Published: February 9, 2018

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How To Backpedal When Parenting An Addict

Parenting is a tough job. I’s not always easy to know what’s good and beneficial for your child. However, being the parent of an addict is doubly hard! Sometimes, you’ll find yourself backpedaling on things you’ve said or changing tack to find an approach that works.

There are numerous reasons which might make you change your mind if you’re parenting an addict. For instance, you might hit upon the realization that your helicopter parenting tactics– always swooping in to save your child – never lets them face the consequences of their actions. Or perhaps your endless excuses for their behavior are only fueling or enabling their addiction. Alternatively, you might discover that the situation has changed and what informed a certain decision a few weeks ago no longer applies.

Why It Is Difficult To Change Your Mind

Regardless of the reason, backpedaling on things we’ve gotten wrong is something all parents have to do sometime. That doesn’t make it easier, though! Quite the opposite in fact. Changing our minds is difficult because... [ CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE ]


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